About us

Daygreen is a professional company focusing on power conversion solutions for vehicles, vessels, telecommunication, and military fields.
Since the 1990s, our team has been providing solutions to relevant companies. In 2006, we founded the factory in Guangzhou and the plant was relocated to Shenzhen in 2010. By now, we have designed more than 1000 solutions for different professional companies and famous constituents in the world. We offer a large variety of converters from 1W to 200kW which are used in various applications and harsh environments. Its products are the same quality as US-, Germany- and Japan-based companies and are cost-effective by our manufacturing center in Shenzhen according to ISO 9001 guidelines. The flexibility of customizable solutions will meet your commands. Nowadays we play an active role in the integration of cutting-edge power management systems of our clients.
Our products are distributed to the US, Europe, Japan, Australia, and Canada by reliable partners. As always, we would like to pursue the perfect products to power you.